“Be a love mark” “Make your brand the protagonist”

BTL activation

Are you thinking of them?

Tableros Hispanos, belonging to the Martín Group, is a company in the wood transformation sector. Its production is based on the manufacture of agglomerated and melamine board, with an extensive variety of measurements and designs

What were they looking for?

how its brand dynamically so your customers can interact with your products

What we did?

We perform different BTL activations so that “Hispanic Boards” can interact with your audience.

BTL Activations – Hispanic Boards


  • ficha-digital-diseño-y-ejecucion-tableros-hispanos-huancayo-2

  • ficha-digital-diseño-y-ejecucion-tableros-hispanos-huancayo-3

  • ficha-digital-diseño-y-ejecucion-tableros-hispanos-huancayo-4

  • ficha-digital-diseño-y-ejecucion-tableros-hispanos-huancayo-5

  • ficha-digital-diseño-y-ejecucion-tableros-hispanos-huancayo-6