"Make your customers interested in your promotions" "Reach more clients with more promotions"

Creation of graphic pieces and adaptations

Are you thinking of them?

CARAVANA is a specialized company that is famous for its traditional and authentic grilled chicken, but also for varied and tasty options to make it more special.

What were they looking for?

They sought to reach more customers through different means of communication but wanted each of the media with other graphic pieces..

What we did?

Together with our team of designers and creatives we analyzed the personality of the brand and began to make various arts for all the media that the client needed to promote their brand and the offers they had..

Elaboration of CARAVANA arts


  • ficha-digital-flyer-caravan-anticuchos

  • ficha-digital-post-facebook-caravana-song-criolla

  • digital-card-post-facebook-caravan-combo-classic

  • ficha-digital-post-facebook-caravana- design-printing-picarones- with-ice-cream

  • ficha-digital-post-facebook-caravana-competition-drawing