"Create logo to help your customer recognize you" "Create a logo that defines your personality"

Creating Brand Identity

Who are they?

They are a jewellery with varied designs, original and in various materials such as:
18k gold, silver 950 and steel.

What were they looking for?

Launch your company with a feature that allows people to recognize the brand and know, just see the logo, which was dedicated.

What did we do?

The logo was worked with a typography with serif, for a better reading it was given space between letters. It is used the color turquoise also present in the Isotype. The initials of the logo were placed in capital letters to give a separation of the names.
For the item was also given the same typography with gray spacing sober to not compete with the name.
The Isotype is Work With a circular shape giving the shape of the ring with a diamond at the top, we worked on the diamond with sectored colors.

The shape of the ring was given the yellow color to simulate the golden color, in the middle of the circle is Put The initials of the name Lady Yens.


Logo creation Lady Yen Jewelry

  • ficha-digital-lady-yens-logo-color

  • ficha-digital-lady-yens-logo-negativo

  • ficha-digital-lady-yens-logo-sombra