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Stand design

Are you thinking of them?

Ecommodities is dedicated to promoting healthy products that grow in the valleys and mountains in the Andes and in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. These products are prepared with care and delivered to our customers in any corner of the world.

What were they looking for?

The brand sought to reflect its image through a stand with which they can also differentiate themselves from the competition.

What we did?

We created a creative stand to show it at the Expo Alimentaria fair. We comply with all the requirements of the clients and cover the needs of their clients.

Expo Alimentaria Fair E-commodities stand


  • fichadigital-proyecto-stand-e-commodities-diseño-slider-render-01

  • fichadigital-proyecto-stand-e-commodities-diseño-slider-render-02

  • fichadigital-proyecto-stand-e-commodities-diseño-slider-render-03