"Simplify your customers ’ purchase decision" "Let your customers have all the information at hand."

Creating displays for the entire product line

Who are they?

Tableros Hispanos, belonging to the Martín group, is a company in the wood processing sector. Your Production is based on the manufacture of chipboard and melanin, with a wide variety of measurements and designs.

What were they looking for?

They were looking for a catalogue that allows their customers to see at the point of sale their products without having to have all the stock displayed.

What we did?

We helped them to make some displays that had the whole line of products that they offered located in a very efficient and creative way that allowed the client to be able to decide at the point of sale and also they can distribute them to its principal distributors.

Hispanic Dashboard Displays


  • boards-hispanic-exhibitors-of-melamine-process-01

  • boards-hispanic-exhibitors-of-melamine-process-02

  • boards-hispanic-exhibitors-of-melamine-process-03