"Uprising of 3D plans of your projects" "3D environment of your projects"

Uprising and 3D environment

Who are they?

Inmobiliaria CANTABRIA develops spaces carefully designed to meet the needs of families..

What were they looking for?

Inmobiliaria CANTABRIA was looking for the uprising and 3D environment of its “LOOK” building, with interior and exterior views to show its clients and publish them on its website and social networks..

We did?

The proper surveys of the “LOOK” building were made and then the 3D environment of the different environments was worked on. Providing the client with interior and exterior views..

Inmobiliaria CANTABRIA about Ficha Digital

Claudia Cabanillas Cáceres

Marketing Coordinator

“Ficha Digital has complied with each of our requirements, giving us quality work”

Building MOTION


  • ficha-digital-motion-building-reception-1

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-reception-2

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-multiple-uses-room

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-first-floor-terrace

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-internal-garden

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-hall

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-living-room

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-living-room-diningroom

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-dining-room

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-kitchen

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-laundry

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-main-bedroom

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-secondary-bedroom-1

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-secondary-bedroom-2

  • ficha-digital-motion-building-bathroom