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We design and create a web page embodying the corporate identity of your company in the online environment, we offer your users a unique experience in navigation and interaction on your website, we also comply with all the requirements to be an optimal web positioning and adaptation.


More than 25% of users who come to your website use the search engine to find a product or service. With the help of SEO and SEM tools you can obtain a package of relevant keywords for your clients and thus guarantee a good experience in navigation, increasing the page rank.


Cross selling or Cross – Selling is a differentiating element in a virtual store since it allows to increase and suggest a new portfolio of complementary products to your purchase. With this great tool, value and loyalty is created due to the knowledge of the customers’ purchasing habits.


Add a new element to your sales process. In your virtual store, you will have a variety of products, which will be sold from a basic model to a premium model, that is why we take care of working in detail each product and add the options offered by the market. This tool is very useful because it gets the customer to buy a product with an average ticket greater than the product that he intended to buy and that generates more value to his purchase.

Purchase guides

 Your products or services are more attractive when the client has full knowledge of what you are going to acquire, through a series of characteristics, we reflect the quality and benefit that it has. In this way, your client will acquire their products in a safe and effective way.

Long description

The complementary description or long description will provide information of fast and detailed access of the use of a product, functionalities and differential advantage. In this way, having all the clear information about the product the customer will feel much safer to make the purchase immediately.

Technical sheets

 A good sale is given through a page with quality content. We take care of carefully review each product to enter key details, making your customer is satisfied when making your purchase.


Isometries are of vital importance for those products of great dimension, helping your client to place the product in a context of location and use. 

Mystery online

We offer you to fully analyze your service, from the search of the product in your virtual store, the purchase, the reception of this and the after-sale. Having this information you can know what points to improve and thus offer a quality service to your customers.


It is a medium that has become very popular and with a great growth in which we have experience. Trading online allows you to extend the reach of your business to new users in a much more direct and fast way.

Social Media

It is the future of communication, an arsenal of tools and platforms based on the internet that increase and improve the sharing of information. This new medium means that the transfer of texts, photographs, audio, video and information in general flows between users on the internet, thus increasing the relevance in business.

Survey and implementation

We have a team dedicated to the collection of technical information and / or product specifications at the offline level in your physical stores and online in the suppliers’ websites. We are specialists because we have high levels of control and quality in the information we provide, in this way we get your customers to receive relevant information when making the purchase decision in your virtual store.

Design and architecture

We design and manage integral interior design projects, transforming spaces according to your concept and needs, valuing aesthetics and innovation. We make interior design projects and remodeling of your environments, taking into account not only the ideal distribution of the space but also the interior design and equipment, thus achieving a completely integral design.


The stand is the showcase of your brand, so we recommend that it be striking for the public from the outside and attractive from the inside. We create ideal spaces to display brands, products and services, organize or set up an event, develop the decoration of stands, showrooms, sets, stores or exhibition modules, etc. We adapt to the requirements of each client and shape your ideas.

3D environment

We offer professional solutions with a high degree of realism, showing dynamic elements and virtual tours with the 3D environment, in this way your clients will be able to observe it as if it were real and they will be able to experience it interactively.


This is a fairly required technique in which we combine two or more photographs in high quality to make a composition look as real as possible. We represent the before and after the product or construction, allowing to highlight the benefits and improvements brought by the project. In this way, your client will have a better idea of ​​how your product can be seen where you put it and how your construction will look.

Photography and video

The great power of attraction generated by high quality photographs and a high definition video are vital for your different digital platforms. One of the main reasons why customers do not buy online, is because they need to see the products live and live, a good implementation of photographs and / or videos of them will help customers make a faster decision and increase the possibilities of purchase.


We take care of the creation and management of your brand regardless of the item. We focus on strengthening your brand from the strategic approach to its execution. For us it is very important that your brand be remembered and provide real value.

Mystery Shopping

This is a method widely used in market and commercial research in order to obtain information about the products and services you provide. With this service, your client can analyze the service you offer from the moment you enter your store until the moment you decide to buy. We have trained personnel to perform the full service.

activations and events

Brand activations are marketing strategies that always succeed. They are made in shopping centers, points of sale or at a launch event. Thanks to this, your clients or future clients will manage to interact with your brand and live a unique experience. We are experts organizing events and activating your brand in the place of your preference.


With the design we help you to project your brand in an appropriate way in front of your target audience. We build brands, design and redesign. We help you to discover your own voice, to start growing and to generate a competitive advantage with your corporate image; our designs create more intelligent, emotional, fascinating connections and give your company a turn.

Design and production of Furniture

Design and production of furnitureWe take care of developing furniture applying high production standards. Our designs are our own, in addition to always taking into account the details and their functionality. We apply the necessary tools to conceptualize furniture design and production processes for all types of companies, adjusting to your needs.

Facade remodeling

A good facade is one of the most important sections of your company, so it is necessary that you always look your best. We take care of designing and renewing it, along with your ideas we will shape everything you want to show your audience.

project execution

For a good construction or remodeling of your project, we need to put together an organizational plan to be able to execute it. This is a very complex process, so we will help you to see the design issue, in which we will prepare the plans and calculations of the work. When we see that everything is well structured, we can say that the project can begin its execution.

Our workflow

It is fully organized and meets the optimal quality standards that are needed to realize a great project.

What you must provide

So that both parties can work equally, we must establish certain parameters that must be met in order for the final goal to be achieved.

What our client says

Ficha Digital is a creative, reliable and punctual company in the works that were commissioned throughout our commercial experience as clients. I recommend it.

Marietta Marroquín-Sales Manager
Company "Corporación D’GILI"

“They complied with all the requirements we requested, in addition to having done an excellent job with the finishes of this”

Sofía López Catacora-Channel Manager
Company "HYTERA"

“Ficha Digital  fulfilled the requirements that we asked for and so we could have a nice space at the Fair”

Mariano Olcese - Jefe Comercial y Marketing
Empresa "CREATIVA"